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Why is the actual pages printed not the same as description pages count?
The declared yield is not intended to be the minimum number of pages that the cartridge will print. Rather, page yield data is meant to estimate the average yield expected from a particular cartridge when measured using the ISO test methodology in connection with a designated printer system. Individual cartridges can perform above and below this average due to variation in the cartridge manufacturing process. The actual yield varies considerably based on factors such as the content of printed pages, typical printer job size, the environmental conditions during operation and the amount of color printing relative to monochrome printing.

How to keep unused cartridges?
Please do not open the plastic wrap before you use the cartridge and avoid exposure to sunlight to prevent damage to the cartridge. Do not store in extreme hot/cold temperatures or humid environments. Keep away from magnetic substances.

Do you know the chip of the toner cartridge ?
Toner cartridge chip is a device of printer, which can connect to printer through direct contact or radio frequency mode. They are generally stored in a small circuit board with a storage unit to store information. Sometimes a processor is configured to response to requests made by printer.

The main function of toner cartridge chip:

1. Storage toner concrete details (easy for printers to identify the toner cartridge which in used).
2. Show the amount of toner cartridge;
3. Manage the carbon powder information according to the printer;
4. Printer statistics are printed and stored in the chip
5. Feedback when the printer is needed

Steps to Solve HP Ink Cartridge Printing Quality Issue:
3 Steps to Solve HP Ink Cartridge Ptrinting Quality Issue

Perform a "print head cleaning cycle"
(or clean cartridge function) 2 times.
This maintenance feature is accessible through the
SETTING→TOOLS or SERVICES in your printer.
If unable to locate the print head cleaning tool,
please refer to your printer manual or documentation.